ULTIMATE GUIDE to learning Microgreens and starting your own indoor vegetable garden with ease, for either PROFIT or GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD!! We are Microgreen INDUSTRY LEADERS who focus on teaching you ‘how to grow microgreens’ for maximum SUCCESS & ENJOYMENT!


😱BENEFITS: We've performed more Microgreen experiments than anyone in our industry and we share all of that knowledge in this gardening book. Everything is explained in great detail, and we made sure to answer all the most common & crucial questions that we've received from our large following. We've helped thousands of people start their own businesses and/or start growing for health and their family's health.


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🎉PRODUCT DETAILS: TONS of information such as: Choosing grow lights, grow mediums like coco coir or soil, hydroponic nutrients, soil additives, microgreen trays, watering, crop issues & how to prevent them, grower vision, “how-to” grows, cost projections, selling microgreens, commercial growing, home growing, growing with your kids, BONUS recipes, experiment data, TONS of Tips & Tricks, setting up a grow space and SO, SO much more.


😁PERFECT FOR ANYONE: This eBook has the answer to everything we could possibly think of when it comes to Microgreens. This book will save you hundreds of hours of research and hundreds of dollars of failed crops or bad purchases!! Whether you’re a home grower or commercial grower, newbie or experienced, you are guaranteed to learn something new to advance your Microgreen Business and/or at home kitchen garden!!


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Microgreen Grow eBook - Becoming a Microgreen Master - Indoor Gardening

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