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Meet The Team

CJ Vaughn Owner of On The Grow, LLC wearing our Three Microgreens Shirt Design

CJ Vaughn

Founder & CEO, Inventor

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Mandi Warbington

Founder, DOM, Social Media Manager

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What?... Did you think our team was bigger?

Fun Fact: While we both have  lead titles that we take on in OTG, we're actually a two person team at the moment. From filming, growing, shipping, social media, products and every nook & cranny of this brand, It's just us two, the power couple. ((Well... aside from the few handfuls of video edits that our editor helped with, thanks Milos!))

What is the meaning of On The Grow?

From 2019 to 2022 we primarily grew inside of a custom built 20ft x 8ft cargo trailer. The 160 sq-ft space became our grow-lab & filming studio on wheels. This space is where we filmed over 180+ videos on YouTube & received over 6,000,000 lifetime views as of 2022 on our channel, making a staple in the agriculture community within the niche of microgreens.


The name On The Grow came about because of the mobility of our grow-space.

However, the meaning of On The Grow, to us, also describes how we are always on the grow in both our personal & business lives to be the best us we can be, while making a positive impact in the world. And we're very fortunate enough to have reached our goal 10x over at this point in our careers.


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