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EASY TO USE: Pre-cut for 10x20 & 10x10 Trays - No more soil, coco-coir or expensive single-use microgreen mediums needed! Simply keep the roots moist and the seeds will grow very strongly! We recommend adding nutrients to the water to increase the growth! Also eliminates the need for a "bottom watering" tray! Also great for growing two different crops in the same 10x20 tray!

These screens can easily be cut to fit sprouting trays - (click here to watch video)


🎉STRONG & DURABLE: The 316-grade stainless steel mesh screens are corrosion-resistant will last for years if you take proper care of them. They are resistant to cutting, so you don't have to worry about your knife accidentally slipping and destroying the mesh screen like plastics would.


🤑 INCREASE PROFIT - No more recurring expenses for soil or single-use mediums!! Pays for itself in around eight grows depending on what medium you prefer to use!


🥳SANITIZES EASILY - You can wash this in the dishwasher to easily sanitize and reuse! We prefer to remove all the leftovers from the microgreen harvest with a stainless steel pasty cutter then let it dry and sanitize in the Suns UV rays on a sunny day, then it's ready to go again! This grow medium also reduces the ability of mold or pathogens to take hold of your microgreen grows!!


😁BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. We also have a 1 Year Warranty on all Mesh Screens!



  • Use these mesh screens with caution and at your own risk! The edges on the stainless steel can be quite sharp and can penetrate the skin.
  • These screens  are shipped flat, so no more straightening them out!
  • Works with most seed sizes, but some like Amaranth which are really small, may fall through. Pre-germinating the smaller seeds like Amaranth expands them and makes it easier to grow on screen.
  • Mesh is 9.25in x 9.5in in size, so check your tray internal dimensions if you are unsure whether the mesh will fit. Some tray manufacturers make trays smaller than others!
  • We are looking at getting the Stainless Steel Medium NSF certified this year!
  •  Does not come with seeds or Trays. Only the screens.

(10x10) Reusable Microgreen Grow Medium

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