Becoming a Microgreen Master eBook

Becoming a Microgreen Master eBook


In “Becoming a Microgreen Master” - CJ Vaughn & Mandi Warbington of On The Grow detail their learnings from several hundred microgreen experiments from 2+ years of growing them.


We wanted to create an eBook that has the answer to everything we could possibly think of when it comes to Microgreens, with the hopes that it saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars!! We have filled this manual with practical, hands-on guides for every aspect we could think to cover! You can always learn how to grow from hundreds of hours of our YouTube videos, or you can take this shortcut and thank yourself!

Many have said “I wish I would have gotten this eBook sooner….” Or something along those lines 😉

We cover various ways on How to grow, Lights, Grow-Mediums, Trays, Nutrients, Crops, TONS of tips and tricks…. And MANY more topics around Microgreens along with the best practices that quickly made us the leader in the online Microgreen niche as a resource for Microgreen growing worldwide.


As bonuses, we included a handful of Microgreen Recipes along with an entire section about our Mobile On The Grow Space that has blueprints and other vital information about the grow space. You’ll also find tons of resources throughout this eBook that will make your growing experience easier, whether you’re a home grower or commercial grower… beginner or expert… there is something in this eBook for you!

We hope to make you a Be-Leafer with our largest project yet that sold in 30+ countries in its first week!! Hope you enjoy!

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